Initial Notice

Notice of Study Commencement

The County of Bruce has initiated a Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) process to consider options associated with replacement of the Teeswater River Bridge which spans the Teeswater River along Bruce Road 3 in Paisley, immediately north of the intersection with Bruce Road 11(as shown on the accompanying key plan). Recent inspections of the structure have identified significant deterioration with many bridge components. The County is considering alternatives associated with the new bridge design as well as detour alternatives to allow traffic to detour around the site during construction of the new crossing.

The Environmental Assessment Process

The planning for this project is following the planning process established for Schedule ‘C’ activities under the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) document. Schedule ‘C’ projects must complete all five phases of the Class EA, which is undertaken in order to identify potential environmental impacts associated with the proposal and to plan for appropriate mitigation of any impacts. The process includes consultation with the public, First Nation and Métis communities, project stakeholders and review agencies. This notice is being issued to advise of the start of study investigations. There will be additional opportunities for public input and involvement as the study progresses

Map illustrating the location of the bridge located on Bruce Road 3 between Mill Drive and Church Street